The Blue Skater Boy.

SO this is my last and final cover reveal for this launch. ❤️

I LOVE this story so much MarshaAllah Tabarakallah and I’m so happy it’s found a home with Djarabi Kitabs Publishing. 

What is it about, let’s go to the blurb! 

“When Isa is asked to take biriyani to his Nanni’s house, someone decides to jump out at him and then tag along. A re-telling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ with many twists.” 

Now, doesn’t that sound interesting!

Meet Isa AKA Little Blue Skater Boy. 

This next illustration is Isa with his mum. While he’s playing on his console at home, his mum is putting biriyani in a bag for him to take to his nanni’s house.

In the illustration below, Isa is picking daffodils with Mrs.Jinni AKA Mrs.Jinn-eena watching over him. How innocent and frail this old women looks, but is she really that innocent is the real question.

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed following and reading about my books that are soon to be released. ❤️


I’m going straight to the cover for this one. LOOK at this COVER! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Allahumma barik fiha 😍❤️

Now that the screaming is over LOL, and we’ve all said our Duah. I’ll start on the blurb. 

“It’s bedtime! Yunus wants to talk but his sister Saarah goes on an imagining spree. She talks about animals, and dinosaurs and aliens as friends. She talks about sending
an Eid gift to orphans and cooking extra meals in Ramadan for the poor, and a whole lot more! A fun and creative
story that also shows a loving sibling relationship.”

I love this illustration of Saarah, it’s so pretty MarshaAllah. Anyone want to take a guess why she’s sprinkling petals? Let me know what you think.

In this illustration, Saarah is taking dinosaurs to her favourite places. Apart from the school, can anyone guess where the other two places could be? Let me know, I look for to reading your answers. 

Once again, thank you for reading. Do keep your eyes peeled for my last and final book for this launch, InShaAllah.  ❤️

Who Could I Be?

Let’s start with the blurb.

“Through the book, children will learn about animals and their distinctive features. The repetitive use of questioning encourages them to use the clues to keep guessing and wanting to turn the page to find out what animal it is. Most importantly, it sheds light on and promotes the beauty of our Creator’s creations.”

This cover took a little while to design. I knew how I wanted the inner spreads to be, but for the life of me had no idea how I wanted the front cover. After bouncing ideas back and forth with the illustrator we came up with this and it works perfectly with the what’s inside.

In the inner spreads, there are rhyming text to give you clues about what animal is could be, finishing of with the question and a part of the animal. I’m sure you can guess what animal this one is. 

This next illustration is one of my favourite illustrations, so I thought I’d share it. Isn’t it adorable. ❤️

Thank you for reading and do keep your eyes peeled for my next book. ❤️

Kamillah the Butterfly.

Let’s start with the blurb. 

“Kamillah is a caterpillar who is struggling to understand life’s changes. With a friend by her side and discovering a beautiful surprise at the end of her cycle, she happily accepts the biggest change. A lovely book any child can relate too.”

Beautiful cover. ❤️

The Blue Morpho butterfly is my favorite butterfly, when I was asked about how I saw the illustrations, this is exactly what I had in mind. The illustrator has done a fantastic job MarshaAllah Tabarakallah.

Below is an illustration of Kamillah as a caterpillar. As you can see, she’s munching away. 

And lastly her friend Bilqis, Bilqis is a Birdwing butterfly. I liked the colours her wings bring to the illustrations, it was an easy choice to make to have her as Kamillah’s friend.

Thank you for reading, do keep your eyes peeled for the next book InShaAllah. ❤️

Guess what? What time is it?


WELL, a few months ago I signed not one BUT four publishing contracts with Djarabi Kitabs Publishing. ❤️


WELL, I think it’s time I shared what i’ve been working on. Stay tuned and I’ll be sharing bits and pieces about my forthcoming children’s books InShaAllah.