Kamillah the Butterfly.

Let’s start with the blurb. 

“Kamillah is a caterpillar who is struggling to understand life’s changes. With a friend by her side and discovering a beautiful surprise at the end of her cycle, she happily accepts the biggest change. A lovely book any child can relate too.”

Beautiful cover. ❤️

The Blue Morpho butterfly is my favorite butterfly, when I was asked about how I saw the illustrations, this is exactly what I had in mind. The illustrator has done a fantastic job MarshaAllah Tabarakallah.

Below is an illustration of Kamillah as a caterpillar. As you can see, she’s munching away. 

And lastly her friend Bilqis, Bilqis is a Birdwing butterfly. I liked the colours her wings bring to the illustrations, it was an easy choice to make to have her as Kamillah’s friend.

Thank you for reading, do keep your eyes peeled for the next book InShaAllah. ❤️

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