Book Reviews of ‘Imagine’

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Book Reviews of ‘Imagine’

Book Reviews of ‘Imagine’

Here are some kind words about ‘Imagine’.

May I start by saying Sarah is a wonderful kid. I love her creative mind… This book will make for a great bed time read. For even more fun, have your kids come up with their imaginations.

— Review by Fabulously Liberated. Read more here.

A giggle-inducing story about using our imagination. The only Muslim children’s book I have ever seen with an illustration that includes dinosaurs and a masjid – can you imagine?!

— Review by Fitra Journal. Read more here.

The thing I really liked about this book is that it highlights the loving relationship between the siblings.

Secondly, it teaches the young children to adopt an Islamic lifestyle like reading the Quran, doing tasbeeh, feeding the poor and appreciating one’s family etc.

— Review by Stoori Khan. Read more here.

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