Book Reviews of ‘Kamillah the Butterfly’

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Book Reviews of ‘Kamillah the Butterfly’

Book Reviews of ‘Kamillah the Butterfly’

Here are some kind words about ‘Kamillah the Butterfly’.

The message in this book is also very loud and clear. It is a good way to educate the children about evolution and changes in life. The same goes to fate and destiny. Even our fingers are created with different lengths. So that was what Kamillah had felt after she changed. That Allah made us in different shapes, sizes and colours too!

— Review of by Zieda Nazri. Read more here.

But what happens when we rely on our ultimate ‘friend’ Allah and accept the change with confidence in Him? We emerge on the other side of our change, becoming a better person, and if Allah wills, a more beautiful soul.

— Review by Raising Mumeens. Read more here.

There is an added moral to the story at the end that teaches children that Allah created us all differently and while we don’t know what’s in store for us, there’s always some great surprises along the way. I think this lesson itself can be applied to teenagers as they undergo puberty. If you have a pubescent teenager, try reading this book to help explain about their bodily changes.

— Review by Ilma Education. Read more here.

Kamillah’s journey between caterpillar and butterfly is very informative and will teach children about nature and biology along with teaching them about change and self-worth.

— Review by The Imperfect Muslimah. Read more here.

This book was a great option for both the girl’s age groups. It was brightly coloured and illustrated in a way that was eye-catching for my 2-year-old. And the sentences were not complex so miss 4, who is learning to read could follow along as I read.

— Review by By Breharne. Read more here.

The book has bold, bright and beautiful illustrations thus enticing it’s very young readers. I have often noticed my 2 year-old gravitating towards books that are well-illustrated. This book is no exception.

— Review by Dr. Shahira. Read more here.

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