Book Reviews of ‘Little Blue Skater Boy’

Reviews Of My Picture Books
Book Reviews of ‘Little Blue Skater Boy’

Book Reviews of ‘Little Blue Skater Boy’

Here are some kind words about ‘Little Blue Skater Boy’.

I loved how this book teaches young children different dua’s (supplications) and it’s importance. Above of all, the lesson that THEY SHOULD NEVER TALK TO THE STRANGERS.I will highly recommend buying this book, especially if you love to buy books which helps in good upbringing of the children.

— Review by Stoori Khan. Read more here.

So anyone that knows me, knows how much I love reading books. If a book looks interesting enough (yes, I judge books by their covers sometimes) regardless of genre or even the intended audience, I’d pick up and read.

— Review by Struggles With My Nafs. Read more here.

I find it amazing that the author uses different illustrators in her books and they are all beautiful. It shows the hard work she puts into it. Plus her creativity MashaAllah!

— Review by Fabulously Liberated. Read more here.

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