Book Reviews of ‘Who Could I Be?’

Reviews Of My Picture Books
Book Reviews of ‘Who Could I Be?’

Book Reviews of ‘Who Could I Be?’

Here are some kind words about ‘Who Could I Be?”.

It is full of rhyming sentences, has beautiful sound words(onomatopoeia), cute illustrations and an excellent message: Linking all the beautiful animals to the Creator.
This is by far my most favourite Islamic book for kids.

— Review by A Muslimah’s Writings. Read more here.

I usually give one or two suggestions to the author in my review. But this book is flawless, has no “mistakes” per se. The only thing I want to tell the author is please write more. We want more of these type of books, perhaps in the category of birds, plants etc.

— Review by Reshu Writes. Read more here.

Oh this is cute!” – my child’s first impression. All the makings of a classic, this tale is told in rhyme with good old fashioned onomatopoeia to make kids happily want to read it over and over again even well after they know who is what.

— Review by Fitra Journal. Read more here.

Moreover, it also teaches the children to appreciate the physical differences that each creature is special in it’s own way and last but not the least, it emphasizes on the gratitude towards the creator (Allah).

— Review by Stoori Khan. Read more here.

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