What is your QUAKE book?

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What is your QUAKE book?

What is your QUAKE book?

I was asked, What is your QUAKE book?

It had to be book that affected me and the way I think. A book that inspired me to be who I am today. I had to choose the Kite Runner because it took me, ALL THE WAY back to the beginning of my writing journey.

My quake book has to be Khaled Hosseini’s ‘Kite Runner’ His book sucked me in right from the beginning, and it wasn’t just down to the good storyline and excellent writing. It was bigger than that, it was me reading about characters that shared my faith. There were even bits of the culture I could relate to and that drew me in that bit deeper.

After finishing the book, I had a huge urge to search and read books by other people of colour and people that share the same faith as me. The biggest thing I’ve taken from this book is that I can write about my faith and culture in my own stories just like it and since have.

Could this be your quake book too? Share yours with QUAKE Bookshere and inspire more to change the way they see books.

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