Book Review: Born a crime by Trevor Noah

Book Review: Born a crime by Trevor Noah

Book Review: Born a crime by Trevor Noah

#bornacrime by #trevornoah Stories from a South African childhood.

Wow, just wow! It’s been a long time, since I’ve chewed through a book. I’ve always found Trevor Noah a funny guy and there are bits in his memoir that are just, simply hilarious!

I knew he was a comedian and a DJ, but other than that, I knew very little about him.

When I read the title, I was intrigued. Why? Why was ‘this’ the title.

Trevor doesn’t make you read the whole book, to tell you why. After a few pages you’re faced with the Immorality Act, 1927.

He has a black Xhosa mother and a white Swiss dad. He was born in the #apartheid, which meant his parents were not allowed to get married or seen together, he was born a crime!

He had a sad childhood, all because of his skin colour. He was too light to be seen with his mother and too dark to be seen with his dad. He spent most his early childhood alone, indoors.

Which was the whole reason the hood was built in the first place, to keep the victims of apartheid out of sight and out of mind. Because if white people ever saw black people as human, they would see that slavery is unconscionable.

Trevor Noah

When he was a teenager, things started looking up for him. He made friends, learnt to hustle, started doing things to keep himself out of the endless cycle.

He was a smart young man. He worked it all out, even a way to be accepted.

I became a chameleon. My colour didn’t change, but I could change the perception of my colour. If you spoke to me in Zulu, I replied to you Zulu. If you spoke to me in Tswana, I replied in Tswana. Maybe I didn’t look like you, but if I spoke like you, I was you.

Trevor Noah

I learnt a lot about the apartheid. In a nutshell, it was an entire system built on racism. With little or no way out if you’re black. An endless cycle of poverty.

People always lecture the poor.”Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime. What they don’t say is, “And it would be nice if you gave him a fishing rod.

Trevor Noah

I absolutely loved his relationship with his mother. She was firm in her ways, strict and old school with her discipline style but she was funny too. Their relationship grew stronger as I turned the pages and with each turn, he talked more and more highly of her.

She wanted to have him and she gave him the best upbringing she could. One thing that resonated throughout the book was how open she was with him. She would talk about everything with him, even stuff that he felt was unnecessary and not for his age. Embarrassing mum talk, kinda talk!

She was extremely religious, her dedication and enthusiasm to her Lord was heartwarming. She had her mouth moist with the remembrance of her Lord. Something as a Muslim, I strive to do daily.

The book is fast paced and the stories are all great and well written. Lots of emotions reading this one, sad, funny, laugh or loud moments, but overall deep. Trevor has chosen the perfect stories to give us a good picture of his past life, he’s had a tough upbringing.

The bright side is, it’s got better for him. He’s come along way and I couldn’t be happier for him. I can understand why this is a bestseller. Well done Trevor, wherever you are. You’re an inspiration!

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