Book Review: Revive Your Heart by Nouman Ali Khan

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Book Review: Revive Your Heart by Nouman Ali Khan

Book Review: Revive Your Heart by Nouman Ali Khan

I finished reading #reviveyourheart by #noumanalikhan couple of weeks back but haven’t had the time to do a post on it.

I feel silly introducing him but this is for those who don’t know him. Nouman Ali Khan is the founder and CEO of Bayyinah, an institute dedicated to teaching Arabic and Qur’anic studies. He’s one of the best-known Islamic speakers and is named one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world, by the Royal Strategic Studies Centre if Jordan.

If you’re looking for a easy read, this is it. Its easy to follow and understand. Nouman Ali Khan has a way of explaining things, simply. He does it so effortlessly throughout the book. It’s funny because I read the whole book as if he was talking to me. Just like his talks, this book was engaging and thought provoking. I’ve watched far to many of his lectures, I think.

Stop asking yourself what did I do to deserve this? Stop asking yourself that question. Allah does not hate you, Allah did not abandon you. He doesn’t abandon His creation. He created us after all and He made us in this beautiful way.

Nouman Ali Khan

I liked the way it was broken up into five parts and every part was relevant in our time.

It starts off with ‘Connecting with Allah through dua’, then moves on to ‘Creating a cohesive muslim community’. Third part is on ‘Financial dealings’ and fourth talks about ‘Some contemporary issues’. Lastly my favourite part ‘Focusing on the Akhirah’. That left me contemplating about life, a lot and that’s what I wanted the book to do.

You should have long term aspirations with those deeds because those deeds didn’t die. That Salah you made on time; it didn’t die. That Salah is alive and it will come back to benefit you on the day of judgement.

Nouman Ali Khan

Did I benefit from it? Yes!

Definitely a book I will be reading over and over again, InShaAllah.

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