Local Aquarium and Museum

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Local Aquarium and Museum

Local Aquarium and Museum

Local Aquarium and Museum

Our first homeschooling trip to the local aquarium and museum. I assumed there wasn’t much to do, in the small town we’ve moved to. I was pleasantly surprised, to find there were actually things to do.

Here’s a few pictures from our trip!

There wasn’t much info on this monkey, we thought he looked like the monkey from the PG tips advert. What do you think?

We saw loads of little figurines. His one stood out the lost, Prophet Nuh AS and the Ark.

Yunus was proper chuffed to see Peter rabbit and Jemima duck.

In the olden days, people used to collect butterflies as a hobbie. I had to snap a picture. Here is a beautiful butterfly collection, it has the Blue Morpho Butterfly is at the center.

We saw sea creatures from different countries.

The Catfish looked scary, arghhh!

Zakariya and Saarah spotted a small sea snail. It was tiny!

We saw landscape art work by artists from the past and present, that live/lived in our local area.

My hubby reading a book about art to the kids.

Saarah standing next to her favourite piece.

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