Robotic Exhibition in Manchester

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Robotic Exhibition in Manchester

Robotic Exhibition in Manchester

Robotic Exhibition in Manchester

We went down to see the Robotic exhibition in Manchester. It was great to see how robots have developed over the years.

Here’s some snaps from our visit!

We saw how robots were used in cartoons and later made into toys.

And then in films like the Terminator and Star Wars.

Robotics then moved forward by making bionic hands and limbs.

Finally the full body. This robot sensors people moving in front of it and snaps a picture. Zakariya got snapped!

Robots were later made to be companions. Below is a robotic boy, who has human like expressions and can talk.

And lastly human like robots. I must admit this woman and the baby at the end, freaked me out a bit. They move and look like real humans. Specially the baby, kicking its hands and legs.

We left a family photo on one of the screens.

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