Watch’em Grow. Then let’em Go! By Insect Lore

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Watch’em Grow. Then let’em Go! By Insect LoreWatch’em Grow. Then let’em Go! By Insect Lore

Watch’em Grow. Then let’em Go! By Insect Lore

I came across this at the perfect time. It’s spring and the only time of the year caterpillars are dispatched.

I’m not a fan of creepy crawly’s and this kit was a little out of my comfort zone but i knew the kids would love it and it would be a great learning opportunity for them.

I bought the kit from Amazon and it came with everything except for the caterpillars. It had a little coupon inside, where you have to pay a little extra and send off for the them.

They arrive in a pot in the post, with very clear instructions on how to take care of them through out the process.

I took the opportunity to do a printable with my younger two children. I printed them from here.

I printed a different one for the older kids, as they’re a little bit older, they needed something for their age. I used this one for them.

Four out of the five caterpillars made it through the whole metamorphosis. It was amazing to watch them turn into chrysalis’s and luckily, we managed to capture two popping out!

Here, the kids are making nectar for the butterfly’s, recipe comes in the instructions.

We couldn’t find a small dish to put the nectar and melon on, but it didn’t stop the butterflies from drinking from it.

Ready to let them go!

Beautiful! MarshaAllah. <3

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