EdPlace Home Education £10 off code 76frf6

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EdPlace Home Education £10 off code 76frf6

EdPlace Home Education £10 off code 76frf6

How did I come across EdPlace

When me and my husband decided to home educate our children, we got in touch with our EHE officer. She recommended EdPlace.

A few days later, I was going through my IG feed and I came across a homeschooler who was using It. She expressed having a good experience, so I signed my kids up for a free trial.

My kids enjoyed using the trial and agreed that it was something they could use for long term, so I decided to purchase it.

What is EdPlace

EdPlace is online learning for kids. They do a comprehensive coverage of English, Maths and Science for children from Year 1 to GCSE’s.

These worksheets are of good quality and content aligned with the national curriculum. They’re created and checked by teachers with 5 years experience and above. You can find out more here.

We are able to access the worksheets through our desk top, laptop and iPad. They do have an App but we’ve not had to use it.

My kids have the option to print out their worksheets or do it online. They like doing it online as it marks itself and gives them a chance to redo it, if they’ve not done so well. (Worksheets can be done as many times as they want.)

Once they’ve completed a topic, I like to print off a few and file them. I bought some inexpensive folders from here and some filing tabs from here. (Just incase my EHE officer pays a visit, I have something to show her!)

Printed Worksheets
Filing EdPlace Worksheets

How are we finding it

My children like EdPlace. They like the reward system in place and earning badges for completing topics. It keeps them motivated and want to work through their worksheets.

I like that each child has his/her own account. It makes it easier for them and me, to keep an eye on individual progress. This also allows them to learn at there own pace. They are able to see how many worksheets they have in each topic and how many they’ve completed. They’re shown an overall percentage of achievement in each subject. If it’s lower than they like it to be, it encourages them to do better.

I have the option to assign worksheets for each child, or let my children assign work for themselves. There’s also the third option, to let EdPlace assign worksheets for them. I opted for my children to self assign because they find it easier to work through one topic at a time.

One of the best things about it, is if the child does the worksheets online, it marks itself. It’s saves me a lot of time and I can get on with other things. However there are a few worksheets I still have to mark but they give me support on how to do that.

There’s a support system in place, I’ve not used it, but it’s nice to know the service it there if I ever need it.

How much is it

The price varies depending on how many of the subjects you’d like and how many children are signing up. However, you can get the trail for as little as £1 and have 14 days of unlimited access. And here’s a £10 off code 76frf6 should you wish to use it.

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