Book Review: Children’s Books On Bangladesh


Book Review: Children’s Books On Bangladesh

Book Review: Children’s Books On Bangladesh

I visited Bangladesh once. I’m talking over 20 years ago and I can still recollect bits from my visit. From the air, with it’s distinctive humid smell to the street food, I must say I long to visit again. I’m a British Bangladeshi and this year I’ve made a conscious decision to not only learn, but also to teach my kids about their roots. It’s important to me, that they grow up owning and loving where they’re from, as it’s part of their identity.

These are a few books I’ve added to my home library. I’ve read them with my kids almost everyday since purchasing.

Bangladesh In the Children’s Own Words

This book follows four children, who take us on a journey of what a day in their life’s like. We get an insight into their families, homes, hobbies, schools and friends. It has lovely photo’s of their journey too, so we get to really see what things are like for them.

It was eye opening to see these kids live completely different life’s to each other, yet live in the same country. Two of the kids are from poor families, one is from a middle class and the other, from a wealthy family.

There’s a couple of pages at the beginning. That gives us an introduction to Bangladesh. About it’s land, climate, nature etc.

In between these stories, there are little boxes of facts scattered. I thought that was nice, just enough info to keep my kids attention.

The book ends with a double spread, highlighting the important events in Bamgladeshi’s yearly calendar. They’ve also added the four children’s birthdays too, which I thought was quite sweet.

B is for Bangladesh

This book is a photographic alphabet book, introducing Bangladesh. With big, beautiful pictures and paragraphs explaining how it ties in with Bangladesh.

When I opened the book, I was met with the most beautiful end papers. It has a gorgeous ketha – blanket print.

I was touched to read the authors note. She brilliantly articulated the history of Bangladesh in a nutshell. She had written this book for her little darlings growing up in the UK. In the hope it will help them to know their motherland. I was touched by that because I’ve picked up this book, to do the very same thing with my kids.

Welcome to Bangladesh

This ones probably the most informative out of the three. The text is easy to read and follow. It’s full of colour pictures and facts to go with them. It covers the history, language, arts, education, language and food of Bangladesh.

I found the history section most interesting, it starts all the way back at 1000 BCE and finishes in 1996. It has a page on British Rule and the Two Pakistan’s, all the way to The Liberation War in 1971 and after.

I’m so glad I picked these up. If you’ve read books on Bangladesh and have recommendations for me, please send them my way. I would love to invest in some more.

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