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“Would you believe me if I told you I’ve read this book twice, yes twice! You know, some books are hard to review because you fear you won’t do it justice, well this one is of those books!” — Book Review ‘A Temporary Gift’ by Asmaa Hussein

“At this time of the year, I spend a few days making decorations with my children. As a family, we love welcoming Ramadan with happy hearts and minds. This year is no different, only I want to add to what we normally do, by making it more meaningful.” — 10 Cute Tips To Unite The Family This Ramadan

“In a country that is socially and politically divided, after the presidential election. Nour Ibrahim, an American Muslim activist, is preparing to deliver a speech at an anti-hate rally. She’s speaking up against the surge of attacks against people of colour, immigrants, Muslims and anyone who’s seen as different.” — Book Review ‘Tight Rope’ by Sahar Abdulaziz & Interview With Its Author

“They say food brings people together and I couldn’t agree more. Invitations, celebrations, giving, receiving, even a picnic at the park is centred around good company and food. One other thing I’ve found with food, is some people leave their names stamped on certain dishes. So when I think about, smell or make a certain dish, those names without a fail come to mind.” — Bank Holiday Heritage Recipe ‘Ayfol-Satni’ (Apple Chutney)

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“I think there are different things to be taken from the book depending on the reader. I once had a reader come up to me and say, “Thank you for making me believe in love again.” And that was beautiful. For those who read the book, I want them to leave it feeling hopeful in Allah’s plans for their lives.” — ‘A Temporary Gift’ An Interview With The Author

“Ever since I can remember, Dhaler-Bora has always been a Ramadan nibble. Served alongside Kisuri and Chana Biran, it has always had its place on the iftar table.” — Dhaler-bora A South Asian Delicacy For Iftar

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