Children’s Picture Book

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It’s bedtime! Yunus wants to talk but his sister Saarah goes on a imagining spree. She talks about animals, and dinosaurs and aliens as friends. She talks about sending an Eid gift to orphans and cooking extra meals in Ramadan for the poor, and a whole lot more! A fun, creative story, that also shows a loving sibling relationship.

Book Reviews

“One of the important things for a child’s development is play and imagination. When a child uses their imagination, it can help encourage a number of skills such as social skills and emotional skills. And this book taps into the characters imagination and makes your child use their imagination too.” — Muslim Mummy

“We loved reading this book over and over again and indulging in our own imaginations and talking about how life would be if they were true.” — Umm Afraz Muhammed

“The thing I really liked about this book is that it highlights the loving relationship between the siblings. Secondly, it teaches the young children to adopt an Islamic lifestyle like reading the Quran, doing tasbeeh, feeding the poor and appreciating one’s family etc.” — Stoori Khan

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